Static Site Boilerplate

A better workflow for building modern static websites. Automated build processes, a local development server, production minification and optimizations, and the latest standards for static websites.

Download Now v1.1.0 Documentation
// Step 1: Clone repository from GitHub $ git clone
&& cd static-site-boilerplate && rm -rf .git && git init
// Step 2: Install dependencies $ npm install // Step 3: Run the development server $ npm run start // Step 4: Generate production-ready files $ npm run build:dist 🎉

Local Development Server

Get up and running in seconds with the built-in development server. No need to have a pre-existing server installed on your machine to start developing.

Concatenation & Minification

Your html, styles and scripts will be automatically linted, concatenated and minified for optimal loading speed in production.

Sass, Less & Autoprefixing

Write your CSS with Sass or Less and without vendor prefixes. Your styles will be automatically processed and prefixed with data based on current browser popularity.

Hot Reloading

All changes to your files while developing are monitored in real time. Any change to html, js, css or images are automatically reloaded in your browser.

Image Optimization

Images are optimized and compressed for your production build, significantly reducing the overall size of your website files for optimized loading times.

ES6 Ready

Write next generation JavaScript with ES6. The built-in Babel loader will concatenate, transform and minify all of your scripts for maximum browser compatibility.

Automatic Favicon Generation

Add your single favicon source file and watch as it's automatically resized and inserted along with it's associated meta tag into your html pages for all major platforms.

Google Analytics Integration

Just configure your Google Analytics Tracking ID and the tracking code will automatically be inserted into your html pages during compilation.

Sitemap & Robots.txt Generator

An automatically generated sitemap.xml and robots.txt file will be included with your production build. No additional configuration necessary.

The Latest Tech

Our boilerplate uses the latest tech to help you develop modern static websites

No Opinions

We keep our opinions to ourselves. Write your code however you’d like, then generate a ready to deploy website with a single command.

Download Now v1.1.0 Documentation